Getting Started With Your Tax Return

We welcome your business and value your time. Below is a list of steps to follow and information needed for us to properly and efficiently prepare your income tax return.

  1. Contact us to set up a secure portal account for document sharing. You can contact us via email or via the Let’s Get Started Form below. We provide this portal account for secure document sharing and we strongly suggest that you do not email information to us which contains your social security number.
  2. Please be sure to include your full name, contact information including phone number and email address, and indicate which tax year you are filing.
  3. Complete and sign our engagement letter, which will be provided once we receive your information.
  4. Upload applicable documentation through the document sharing portal once login information has been provided to you.

Important documentation you will need to provide us:

  • A copy of your prior year tax return, if not prepared by us
  • Form(s) W-2 (wages, etc.)
  • Form(s) 1099 (interest, dividends, etc.)
  • Schedule(s) K-1 (income/loss from partnerships, S corporations, etc.)
  • Form(s) 1098 (mortgage interest) and property tax statements
  • Brokerage statements from stock, bond or other investment transactions
  • Closing statements pertaining to real estate transactions
  • Form(s) 1099-K (Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments)
  • All other supporting documents (schedules, checkbooks, etc.)
  • Any tax notices received from the IRS or other taxing authorities

Please provide the following information in order for us to begin the process of gathering information from you to complete your tax return:

Let’s Get Started With Your Tax Return!