Whether you have received a notice from a taxing agency or have been advised your aircraft company is being audited, your situation is unique. We take the time to understand the issues asserted by the taxing authority all the while we are listening and probing for how best to respond to the inquiry or audit. We have extensive experience in the areas of State Sales Tax audits, Federal Excise Tax Audits and Federal Income Tax audits, both personal and corporate, and we apply our experience and skills to your unique case.

Our staff will employ strategies to survive an IRS or State Department of Revenue audit, and has expert industry experience in the IRS Code sections that arise in audits of aircraft, including:

  • Hobby Loss Rules
  • Passive Loss Limitations
  • At-Risk & Basis Limitations
  • Personal Use of Company Aircraft
  • Ordinary and Necessary
  • Flight Department Company
  • Excise Taxes for 135 Operation
  • Depreciation